The weather was great for a Saturday Morning Beatdown. As the PAX became rolling in your could clearly notice that there we quite a few new faces that were new, which is always a great thing.

The PAX were 25 strong including 5 FNG’s some which came to us thru Bayside Community Church’s small group sign up.

The F3 5 core principles and disclaimers were announced and explained. After which we headed off for an old version of our mosy doing figure 8 thru the Adventure Park parking lot.

We circled (large circle) up in the echo chamber for a warm up of SSH’s, Windmills, Imp Walkers and Strawberry pickers.


We partnered up for a Dora with one member doing exercises near the center circle while his partner did 2 laps along the edge of the rink.

The exercises were

100 Burpees, 200 Squats and 300 Moroccan NC’s.

Due to the large amount of members the next phase was brought out to the soccer fields… which had cones as markers from one side to the other.

We all lined up on one sideline to do 1 minute rounds of exercises… between round suicides would be done across the field using the cones as turn around points,


1 minute of LBC’s

Reverse suicide

Flutter kicks


BB sit ups

Side shuffle suicides

Freddy Mercuries

Next was a lunge walk to the first set of cones,

40 Push jacks

bear crawl to next set of cones

40 SSH’s

Lunge walk to final set of cones

40 plank jacks

Run back to opposite side line


We headed back to echo chamber were we lined up in 2 lines facing each other

All were in plank position while one member at the far end of line did 10 shoulder taps,, when they were done the next did the shoulder taps .. continuing until all had done the exercises

Starting the same again but this time each member did 10 merkins.

With a few minutes left we did a round of Mary with Hello Dollies, Burpeees and Captain Thors



Praise for the members that attended and helped at Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine

Bridge of Life’s 5k hero run is next Sat 2/16 and we presently have 49 in the F3 group.

Prayers and praises for our injured PAX, those needing to get back out of the Fart Sack along with other requests.

As always prayers to protect our military and first responders.