Feisty bunch

Weather: Hot and Muggy

Pax: Zipp, Ripken, Posh, Brutus, Bing, Yamaha, Sniper, Cotton Tail, Pincher

The gloom started with a few pre-rides of varying distances, a declaration by Ripken to Ride Me Home (?) and COT, as customary on the cycling AO and….we were off. As a side note, rumor has it Crabcakes, Trump and Cornhole were going rogue on the north side is 70.

It was evident that the peloton was rather feisty as we were hitting speeds of 22mph+ in the first mile. The route took us down Lorraine to Fruitville and then our Masters and back. Top speeds of 27mph+ as the peloton rotated quickly.

A fairly uneventful ride aside from the sweat sharing and flat tire of YHC bike, but also a great tire changing lesson by the master himself, Zipp. Bike clinic soon??


  • Protection and safety for the Police in the community
  • Peace and calm in our nation
  • Guidance for leadership to get through these times
  • Change that is needed
  • Sue – Manziel’s friend in the hospital
  • Bob – coworker of Cotton Tail

Only announcement shared was plans for a Fathers Day ride. 6/21 – 40 miles on AMI.

Always an honor to ride with this great group of HIM.

~Bing Out