Curb Appeal

6/10/2020   Weather: 76 F and humid
24 HIM in Attendance

QIC:  Sir Wallace PAX: Hall Pass, Snip, Cornhole, Ripken, Stagecoach, Sniper, Trump, McNugget, Brutus, Manziel, Big Mac, Goob, Jimmy Dean, Crabcakes, Cottontail, Lancelot, Olympus, Pincher, Posh, Bing, Bubbles, FIFA, Wolverine

1. free of charge 2. open to all men. 3. held outside in most weather 4. lead by peers in rotating order 5. ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer: not a professional, modify as necessary



Usual Mosey routine. arm circles, SSH,  jump squats, mountain climbers, Peter Parker’s, v-ups


Start on one side of curb in push-up position with hands on edge of curb and feet on blacktop. Perform a Merkin then move over using your hands then do another Merkin, keep repeating until over to the other side. Run a lap then back to the curb performing toe hops while moving along curb to other side then run another lap. This time perform lateral crab walk along the beloved curb. Run another lap, perform shoulder taps across curb then run a 4th lap.

Rinse and Repeat: (Switch direction)

Cool down: Clurpees and v-ups, jump squats and leg lifts

Ohio Boys: Snip and Hall Pass added… Merkin clap burpees and Bonnie Blairs

Finished with: LBC’s and Moroccan Night clubs



– announcements: AO changes in the works. bible study groups on Wednesday’s 7:15a via zoom and Saturday’s 8:15a at AP pavilion. Father’s Day 2.0 workout 8am on the 20th, also a Bike ride meeting at unconditional surrender for 20+mph pace across longboat key

– Praises: Crabcakes 20 year wedding anniversary

– prayers: for health for Trumps friend Cindy… also for Manziel’s friend Sue who’s improving


Let’s strive for greatness. Our creator has given each of us talents… let’s make the most of it! Mediocre effort brings mediocre results. Be more than ok… be better than your were!