F3=Joy On National Pickle Day !

Weather – warm 70, humid as usual

As Usual BigMac DJ booth were up by 5:05with 11 pax arriving to complete the 12 man team…..Disclaimer /reciting F3 core principles then  worm up  Mosey  and the only deference was the Q not doing any worm ups during the mosey but chose to run 3 times around the parking lot while delivering his message ” Contentment” or what is the deference between happness and joy.

 Pure Joy


Circled up and  sets of  21’s , COP ( In cadence count 1-5 followed by silent 6-21 on your own count with penalty of 5 Merkins  for any mistakes )  

  • SSH   ” ShamWow  keep counting … 5 merkins but no complained # DA BOSS
  • Strawberry Pickers.

There were no streaching today , it was a message day so without knowing it was national pickle day we ran single file towards the side walks of green brook,  stop right in the middle of the sidewalk under the light for our first surprise part of the COP… It was a


*The Big Sexy 

Lots of laughs , specially from the pax that never been in BigMac Q before we did the normal

  • 50 Monkey Hampers
  • 50 Pickle Pounders
  • 50 Pickle Pointer



We  Mossed back while the q message continued , back to Nolan we circled up to start  4  SONGS Challenge ”   explaining a set of 4 songs  with a Q word to do an exercise ;

1- Beat It ” Michael Jackson                                                                                                                                                With pax Holding Al Gore During the song  then Merkins for the Q word  Beat it .…. Sounds easy ?… Think again!  …..  The Pax recover, 10 sec. water break While Q  delivering on his message.

2- Baby Shark Pinkfong   (Dooo Dooo Doo DDooo )                                                                     w\With every song verse change the pax changed from LBC’s To American Hammer  .. full speed crunches going  …. less than 2 minutes later recover and more of the 5 Virtue message 

3-Push it     Salt-N-Pepa                                                                                                                             ..During  song we do shoulder Taps  then I Burpee   on push it  …. classic PAIN  it was

4- Jump Around  ” Aka House Of Pain”                                                                                                                                               Pain comes calling with Double  boxing Jabs  during the song   Air Jump on 2nd Q word Jump and full non stop  overhead clap with air jump during  Course Q word jump !!!!!!!  Pax dripping wet yet following the perfect form demonstrated by our boxer @Chilipeper . we all finished the song  and went for more water with more message from the Q Joy


Between the  4 songs challenge we did  Batten death March around the school with last man dropping to do 5 mountain climbers . we ran for another .5 miles while the Q never wavering on the message of Joy the entire way .


*  COT  in front of school and  we circled up for the Q to finish the delivirey of  his message asking his Pax to think of F3 as more than just a fitness bootCamp. The Q shares



  • Stability Of Emotion Engendered By The Continual Pursuit Of Joy Rather Than Happiness , Joy is the stainless steel of the soul

    A HIM Accelerates his Contentment by consistently pursuing Joy rather than Happiness. While they sound similar and are often used interchangeably by the culture, Joy and Happiness are actually very different conditions. While Joy is a permanent state of hopeful satisfaction unaffected by external circumstance, Happiness is a mere transitory positive feeling governed completely by external circumstance.

    Joy is the fruit of a HIM’s enduring devotion to Getting Right and staying that way through the DRP. Joy requires nothing external to a person other than the Relational Rhythm that results from the strong, regular and repeated pattern of his interaction with himself, his Concentrica and the Creator. It withstands bad weather, physical ailments and financial downturns. Joy is the stainless steel of the soul, the stern stuff that resides in the stout heart of a HIM fully Committed to Leading his Group through every Obstacle that impedes its Movement. It is the foundation of his Contentment.

    In contrast, Happiness is the warm comfort that derives from a toasty fire and a mug of hot cocoa on a cold night. It requires nothing of a man other than to be in the right place at the right time. Unlike Joy, Happiness is wholly dependent upon physical or emotional gratification and the conduct and emotions of other people. Whereas Joy is eternal, Happiness only lasts as long as the positive external circumstance is present. When the fire dies and the mug is empty, Happiness evaporates like the morning mist over a pond, leaving nothing behind but an empty yearning for its return.


  • Christmas with the homeless men.. planning meeting at Pinchers  next Wed 11/14 at 6:30.. Event is Dec 11 at 6p
  • Operation Sweet Tooth
  • Turkey trout / Jingle Run
  • Bridge of Life Super Hero 5K (2/16 at NBP) supporting Gridlock’s organization that helps Foster and Adoption Children and Families.        https://www.bridgealife.com/



  • For all our first responders
  • Sniper Friends wife battling cancer
  • Sniper relationship with his brother