Planning Party for Homeless Christmas

72 degrees and the smell of fried fish was in the air.

10 Pax met at Pincher’s (the restaurant, not his house) to review the plans for the homeless Christmas party.  After downing a few 2-for-1’s and eating some seafood buried in fried flour, we were able to think more clearly.  Big Mac tried to get us to do Pickle Pointers, but the Pax had a sit down protest.  Rowdy explained how not to get a girlfriend, and Gridlock taught us the science behind ordering a Mich Ultra vs. a real beer.

Sniper, Scrum and Flashdance couldn’t attend.  Their punishment was decided at the end.  Stay tuned…

For the rest of us non-dinner-fartsackers, the list was divvied up as follows (120 of each):

Bags (stockings) – Bing

Soaps – Recall

Combs – Recall

Socks – Big Mac (to be reimbursed)

Toothbrushes – Ripken (buy on Amazon)

Ice Cream coupons – Big Mac

Candy – Olympus

Paper bags decorated by kids (60 each Pax) – Recall and Ripken

Chapstick – Zeus

Hand sanitizer – Ripken

Deodorant – Mr. Clean (to be reimbursed)

Toothpaste – Mr. Clean (to be reimbursed)

Shampoos – Chili Pepper??

Cookies/Brownies (60 each Pax) – Recall, Sniper, Flashdance, Scrum 

On the Cookies/Brownies, if each person could have 60 of something, individually wrapped, this would allow us to put two nice sized cookies/brownies in their bags.  My experience is that they appreciate sweets, but due to the many dental issues they aren’t as desirable as you may expect.  If we have extra funds, we’ll donate it to the Ministry or buy granola bars.

There will be a bag filling party at Recall’s house on either Dec 8th or 9th.  Details to follow.

We are at $600, but could use some more donations to help buy some of the remaining items.  If everyone does a little, it will be a nice team outreach.  Click here to donate.

Reminder that the Christmas dinner/party is on December 11th from 6-9.  All Pax are welcome to come celebrate with the guys and make them feel special.  Thanks to all that have helped thus far.  This is what F3 is all about.