Empowering Leaders

Weather: 40 and windy – brrr.

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Tex, Manziel, Bubbles. FIFA, Banjo, Aquaman, Trump

7am rolled around and it was time to get the morning started. The formalities were covered and the mosey started quickly cause it was too cold to be standing around. Mosey included NUR, side shuffle x2, butt kickers and high knees, and ended in the echo chamber for COP.

COP included the following:

  • SSH x20IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Leg stretches after Manziel abused our legs yesterday
  • Flutter kicks x10 IC
  • Freddie Mercury x10IC

The Thang:

First up was a round of Banjo Bear Crawl.  The pax circle up, facing outwards and feet in the middle.  Planking position while each person bear crawls around the circle.  When the person passes you, you do a Merkin.

Next up was time for a round of starfish exercises. Starting in the middle faceoff circle, you execute a series of exercises and then designate a mode of transportation to the next circle, always coming back to the middle circle in between each set. With a last minute change to the Q schedule, YHC decided to take the opportunity to help empower additional leaders in the pax.  Each Pax would chose the exercise we did and mode of transportation.  The pax came up with some great combinations such as burpees/Merkins and running, Big Boy Sit-ups and many others.

The pax ended promptly at 8 for COT.


  • GrowRuck – Get registered this weekend


  • For Aquaman’s friend and her cancer treatment
  • Sarah and Lori with their cancer treatments
  • Papa Smurf and his family and the wounds that are being re-opened
  • Medivac getting home safely

It’s always an honor to lead this great group of men.  Great job rising up on a chilly morning and making yourself stronger.  And remember, a successful leader isn’t measured by the number of followers he has, he is judged by the number of leaders he has created.

~Bing Out