Sack Up, Dora!

Date: 2/21/2020

Weather: 67 degrees, windy

QIC: Manziel

Pax: Big Mac, Bing, Brutus, Bubbles, Bullwinkle, Clutch, Dasani, Goob, Hang Ten, Jimmy Dean, Lancelot, Manziel, Medivac, Papa Smurf, Ripken, ShamWow, Sir Wallace, Steel, Trump

With GrowRuck just weeks away, pax were asked to bring their sacks to the beatdown if they had one. Lots of easy jokes in there, needless to say. But soon enough, 5.15 rolled around and it was time to get to work. Core principles and the disclaimers were recited and we headed out on a mozi with high knees, carioa x2, nur, and butt kickers. COP was SSH, strawberry pickers, windmills, hillbilly walkers, arm circles, Michael Phelps and agitators. With that out of the way, pax were told to grab their sacks and waters and head to the Bing Deck (2nd level of the tower).

Once we reached the Bing Deck, the pax (except YHC, obviously) were stunned to find that the Manziel Board of Pain had escaped Manatee County and found its way there. The good news (or maybe this wasn’t good news) was that this wouldn’t be a traditional Board of Pain workout, the BOP was there to list out the exercises in a Tower Dora. The Tower Dora is like a traditional Dora but much more stupid, especially when you throw ruck sacks into the equation. Pax members pair up and one stays on the Bing Deck to start working on the series of exercises, while the other partner goes down to the ground level (this time, carrying the ruck sack) to do 20 salsa dips, and then come back and switch. The Tower Dora adds an additional step – after the team gets through all of the reps for each exercise, they both go up to the Jimmy Dean Deck (top of the tower) – again with the ruck sack, if you have it – and each does 10 burpees (shed the ruck sack for that part). The exercises on the BOP were:

  • 150 Merkins
  • 200 American Hammers (count only one side)
  • 250 Carolina Drydocks
  • 300 LBCs

It quickly became evident that this was a terrible idea, but that’s somehow encouraged in F3. Bing, just back off the red-eye from Japan, was finding out the hard way that F3 Tokyo was just like fartsacking. Lancelot, the new big celebrity in F3 Nation, won the best t-shirt of the day which read “Not Made in China”. Everyone else was just plain miserable, but we were not about to betray the BOP. At least I didn’t have Ragnar’s 3-bean chili for dinner last night, which is about the only way we could have made it worse.

We headed up to the Jimmy Dean Deck for the COT.


  • Next big race is the Sup & Run, late May at NBP
  • Grow Ruck is April 3-5 – sign up if you haven’t already
  • Trail run this Monday night, meet at Panther Ridge at 6.30pm. 5 miles. Brutus supplying beer Michelob Ultra at the finish.

Praises & Prayer requests:

  • Ripken’s and Trane’s Ms
  • I Spy and his new 2.0
  • Police, troops, firefighters & first responders
  • Papa Smurf, with some old wounds being opened up

Best idea of the day was to let Medivac lead the closing prayer because, you know, he IS a professional. Thanks for hanging out this week and safe travels back up north.