Deck of Pain

The weather at Nolan was perfect

64 degrees and dry

“Why do you did it?”

Let me tell you why


As the cars begin to gather

They wonder what’s the task

Cuz it’s … Who’s on ‘Q’?

The question they ask


Some will choose to Fartsack

Stay at home where’s its cozy

But for those in this gloom

We begin our mosey


After a couple of laps

we circle for some fun

We do a couple exercises

One … Two … Three … ONE


We try to stay in Rhythm

and not do to much

Side Straddle Hops(20), Windmills(15)

Strawberry pickers(10) and such


We grab our waters

And head off to the courts

And after listening to the directions

you can see a lil fear of sorts


This normal deck of cards

has colors red and black

This will determine

how we get there and back


The suits will tell us

What exercises we will do

And these cards will be flipped

each round by two


Merkins, Air Squats

Lunges and our favorite LBC

It doesn’t take very long

and it’s sweat we see


Round after round after round

It’s starting to feel like Poker

What was that?

Did I just hear Joker?


Someone roll the dice

And see what we got

Did I hear correctly?

90 seconds of the SQUAT?


Its back out to the parking lot

For a round of Mary

Today we honor one of our own

Who passed too young its scary


We took the first letter

of this HIM’s first name

And finished off this beatdown

Together … the Same.


B urpees (5) OYO

A bs’s (spell BADGER)

D olly’s (5) I/C

G orilla Humpers (5) I/C

E lbow2knees (5) I/C

R osalito’s (5) I/C


So you ask “Why do we do it?”

It should be easy to see

Its Fitness, Faith and Fellowship

It’s plain and simply … F3





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