Dirty Sandbag Friday 5/19

Finishing up a rainy week, we dodged a rainy bullet and had a dry 71 degrees F3 workout.

The mosy included 2 laps around the parking lot with the normal stuff…high knees, butt kickers, kerioke and some NUR action.

We circled up for some more good F3 stuff. Strawberry pickers, SSH, Imperial Rockers,  Merkins and of course bad back stretches.

The Thang

Over to Sniper Hill to grab some sandbags and get after it. (Side note, Mr.Clean and Banjo shared the Sandbag of Mud… sorry about your shirts)

We partnered up and did the following exercises while the other partner carried the Sandbag up the hill and when at the top of the hill   10 air squats.

100 line drills

200 LBCs

250 shoulder exercises broken into: Moroccans,rope climbers,arm circles

300 air squats

Announcements, praises and prayers

sign up for 2019 5k and SUP run

Diesels Dad is much better

Pray for all seniors graduating

Chili pepper’s trip supplies