Cycling Morning

Weather: Low 70s

QIC: Bing

Pax: Sniper, Bing, Pincher, Cotton Tail, Dogo, Drake, Brutus

7 for a solid ride that included a usual trip down Lorraine to Fruitville, back up University and returning home.  COT as customary was held primary to the ride.  Praise for Madison for her returning health and prayers for the first responders.

The Pax pushed hard today.  Unfortunately we ended up dropping Sniper and Drake early on, and did not realize it to much later.  Drake waited for us prior to the Fruitville turn but Sniper was never to be seen again.  I think he hopped a right back with the Sarasota Sheriff hanging out on Lorraine.  18-20 miles completed with some feisty pushes along the way.  Props to Brutus with the new addition to his newspaper bike.  You’ll complete your route in no time with those aero bars!

Great ride boys!