Celery Saturday

WOW! Lakewood Ranch Nation… If you have not worked out at Celery Fields your missing out!!! My first time and I am definitely going back.??

I was privileged to Co-Q with Sniper today.  My half of the Q was the warm up for Snipers beat-down.

We started with an easy jog up the .29/mile gravel path to the top! The Mosey was ON!

Cones set at 20 yards we continued w high knees,skips, nurs,buttkickers and kerioke…. Rooooarrrrrrr!,, oh snap, Big Cat Roar followed by 4 Burpees. (I believe we got away with only 3 “4 for Roar” interruptions.) Followed by football sprints. Make sure you know the count.

We circled up for some warm up drills…

SSH,Imperial Walkers,Strawberry pickers, Merkins and finally some Bad back stretches.

The Thang!!!

We attacked an 11 with Merkins and AMERICAN Hammers, the cones were moved to 30 yards

Time for the Sniper beat down.

We partnered up for the following:

100 merkins

200 Shoulder taps

200 American hammers

300 air squats

Of course, while one partner is doing the exercise, the other partner is running down half the hill and back up.

What do you hear during this beatdown?  No mumble chatter…. just heavy heavy breathing and encouragement.

Because we are F3 we knock this out and take full advantage of gravity and head downhill for a final group run to the bottom where we Finnish in the COT!


Expand F3 into Sarasota (another AO)

Gator 5/10k trail run

SUP/Run 5k race

Pinchers Happy hour last Wednesday of the month

Goruck opportunities to test yourself mentally and physically


Snapshots son’s wedding

6packs family and loss of his Dad

Condenser loss of family friend

Healing of our injured

Thanks for letting us be here to participate in F3