Masterful beatdown at Augusta National

Conditions: 67 degrees and clear

AO: Echo Chamber

Warm-up: Mozi around the parking lot with buttkickers, high knees, karaoke, lunge walk and toy soldiers.

COP: As the Thang was expected to put us tight on time COP was brief.

SSH x20

Florida Strawberry Pickers 4-count x10

Moroccan Nightclubs x20


Having been inspired by Recall’s recent creatively themed beatdowns, YHC decided a Masters theme was in order as the PGA hits Augusta this weekend.  The PAX were nervous as I arrived at the pavilion uncustomarily on my bike from the shell trails. Having arrived early in the gloom to set “The Course”, YHC encountered scrutinous mumble chatter as conspiracy theories took flight in the early morning air.

A 50% scale model of Augusta National was marked off using cones along the shell trail heading eastward from the park. The first tee was proudly marked with the shovel flag and the first “hole” was marked with a cone. Attached to the cone was a detail sheet for the hole with its’ name, distance and par. The formula(par x 10 = rep count) was used for each hole. The 18th hole was marked with the black F3 shovel flag. The course layout was as follows:

Front Nine

1) Tea Olive 445 yard par 4 Merkins

2) Pink Dogwood 575 yard par 5 SSH

3) Flowering Peach 350 yard par 4 Squats

4) Flowering Crab Apple 240 yard par 3 Burpees

5) Magnolia 455 yard par 4 American Hammers

6) Juniper 180 yard par 3 Leap Frogs

7) Pampas 450 yard par 4 Shoulder Taps

8) Yellow Jasmine 570 yard par 5 Freddie Mercurys

9) Carolina Cherry 460 yard par 4 Carolina Drydocks

Back Nine

10) Camellia 495 yard par 4 Al Gores

11)  White Dogwood 504 par 4 Moroccan Nightclubs

12) Golden Bell 155 yard par 3 Jump Squats

13) Azalea 510 yard par 5 LBCs

14) Chinese Fir 440 yard par 4 Mountain Climbers

15) Firethorn 530 yard par 5 Flutter Kicks

16) Redbud 170 yard par 3 Bear Crawl (In honor of the “Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus)

17) Nandina 440 yard par 4 Lunges

18) Holly 465 yard par 4 Plank Jacks

The PAX displayed great fortitude once we got going and the 720 rep 2.11 mile course was attacked with determined vigor…at least until the fourth hole which elicited substantial mumble chatter from most everyone.  There was great encouragement offered throughout the PAX and care was taken to not lose the six.  We all finished within a few minutes of one another with a well deserved shout out to Tex and Sparky for blazing the trail!  YHC was humbled by the effort put forth by all in attendance.



Reminder for May’s SUP n RUN event introduced by Zeus.  Much interest was indicated.

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports:

Recall gave a praise report for his awesome 2.0 Jacob as we celebrated his standing up for the very first time this past week.  Prayers for ongoing provision for his physical therapy needs were also requested.

If you’ve not yet led a Q I wish to encourage you to sign up and do so.  It’s sure to be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have!