Carry the CROSS ✝️

  • Conditions:Windy and warm. 77 degrees and dark.

Mozi  Since we had an FNG…. “jail break” up to the top of the tower we went for our Mozi.

Warm up

Side straddle hops, wind mills,swimmers, arm circles, imperial Walkers and yes…. Bad back stretches

The Thang

Time for the super Dora. We picked a gloom partner for (Steel sharpens steel).  Mode of transportation was a 60+ yard jog up half “Sniper” hill with a 40lb sand bag and at the top we knocked out 10 air squats and then jogged back down to our gloom partner who was working on the following exercises.  100 Burpees, 300 LBCs, 200 Merkins and finally 200 air squats. The Q enjoyed the “mumble chatter” during the air squats!  When the 6 was finished we went back up the tower to the Bing Deck and wrapped up with more BBS.


JESUS carried the cross.  We carried sand bags.  We had it easy this a.m. in the gloom.

Rowdy’s prep work for his mission trip (Crisis Response International) is progressing. Please ask about this!!!!!

SUP and Run May 25

Alzheimers walk/run event Mid November. F3 goal to raise $2000. Participation by as many F3 as possible.

Praise on 2 year anniversary work out.

Churches on Easter Weekend

Jimmy Dean’s friend Ted and family.

Thanks for having me Q.

Jimmy Dean

I believe 24 PAX in attendance is a new NBP record.

16 of the pax convened for Coffeeteria post beatdown.

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  1. Great workout. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the challenge. I’ll be running and boarding the SUP race in May. Mind if run with you all, and supporting the F3 team? Have a Blessed Easter.
    – Kevin …aka Lancelot

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