Cardio Day

Weather: 78 and dark

Pax began arriving, some in some rather creepy ways, such as Manziel literally appearing out of no-where (claimed he arrived on his bike), and then Scuba appearing as a blinking light as he ran to the AO again.

Manziel arriving at the AO this gloom.

The disclaimer was shared and the core principles were reviewed, and off we went on our warm-up mosi.  Two laps around the parking lot with an extended NUR, butt kickers, high knees and some really strange animal sound coming from the dumpster/wooded area. At least we hope it was just an animal.

COP included:

  • SSH x20IC
  • Windmills x10IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Merkins x10IC
  • Parker Peter x10IC
  • Peter Parker x10IC
  • Plank and planking sequences (Left arm up, right arm up type stuff)

The Thang:

The pax then took an extended mosi back out of the park to Greenbrook Blvd where the first triangle of sidewalk awaited us.  It was the perfect distance to introduce much of the pax to the Bearmuda Triangle.

Starting at point 1 of the triangle, do 1 Burpee and then bearcrawl to point 2 for 2 burpees.  Bearcrawl to point 3 for 3 burpees and then bearcrawl back to the starting point.  Plank until the six arrives.  Rinse and repeat x2 for a total of 3 revolutions around the triangle.

We then took a short mosi towards Coopers Hawk Ct, stopping mid-way to line up in a plank position for a BearCrawl inch worm.  The pax lined up in the plank position while the pax at the end of the line bear crawled to the front.  Once all pax took their turn, we continued our mosi to the intersection at Coopers Hawk Ct.

3 exercises were performed at this time, all with a 20 count OYO

  1. Moroccan Night Clubs
  2. LBCs
  3. Monkey Humpers (how can you not do a monkey humper at a main intersection)

The pax then returned to the scene of the crime of the Bearmude Triangle, with fears that we would do 3 more, but we did not.  We rinsed and repeated the MNC, LBC and Monkey Humper routine.

On the mosi back down Adventure Place, the pax was instructed to gradually increase their pace at each speed bump, so to be at a full hard run once you reached the final speed bump.  The pax pushed themselves hard, including Tatanka, leading the pax while running with the shovel flag flying high.

Upon return, we took to the roller rink for two rounds of Peoples Chair.  Round 1 was held while each pax individually sprinted around the rink (around the goals). Round 2 was help while the pax lunge walked across the rink and back, working for the outside of the line inward (2 pax at a time for round 2).

With 90 seconds remaining, the pax finished it off with SSH AMRAP until the clock struck 6am.

Great job by all, clearly pushing themselves out of their comfort zone with this much cardio.  Proud and humbled to lead such a great group of men.


  • Praise for the current state of James’ cancer.  His last scan was clear and his mother was brought to tears when she learned that we have been praying for him.  Continued prayers for healthy and clear scans
  • Prayers for the injured and/or absent pax


  • Read your newsletter!! Lots of great stuff happening
  • Care-2-Tri race – watch out for a great F3 and M/2.0 opportunity with this race
  • Farm Bureau Skeet shoot fund raiser
  • Announcement coming soon on a great opportunity to make a huge impact in December. Ripken to share the details.