Burning Legs

The Q had been sidelined for a few weeks so what better way to get your legs back into shape than with help from your F3 Brothers.

Started with a 2 lap MOSY around the parking lot doing some high knees and Karaoke’s then we circled up and did some SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers and Imperial Walkers.  We then headed over to the basketballs court for some cardio work.

The routine was a round of forward suicides from end line to foul line to half court to far foul line to far end end line followed by a minute of a exercise then a round of backwards (NUR) suicides then another minute of exercise.

We did each of the following exercises for a minute each

SSH’s, Merkins, LBC’s, Shoulder Taps, Flutter Kicks and Reverse Crunch.

We headed to the far end of the parking lot where we ran the slalom course of the polls stopping 3 times in each directions to do the following exercises at each stop

20 Jump Squats (120 Total)

10 side lunges each leg (120 total)

10 reverse lunge with knee lift (120 total)

We finished up with a quick round of Mary where we did

American Hammers


Russian Twist

Leg Lift Alphabet spelling


We then praised SNIPER for being HIM and being awarded the  Badge of Honor

Reminder of the Gator 5K this weekend and to sign up for the 5K/SUP run on May 19th.

Prayed for all those PAX hurting