C02 Cloud spotted over NBP in the early gloom.

Friday in the early gloom…. no mumble chatter to be heard???  Only heavy breathing as the PAX worked their way up and down SNIPER hill with sandbags and water pipes on their shoulders.

We started with a two lap Mosey that included the usual butt kickers, high knees, nur, skips and kerioke.

The Warmup

We were not even sweating the gloom yet and jumped into Imperial walkers, merkins,strawberry pickers,ssh,morrocins, P90x arm circles and finishing with some bad back stretches….. and still no heavy breathing.

The Thang

That all changed as we headed over to Sniper hill and grabbed some coupons on the way to the bottom.  We partnered up and each man had a job to do.  One grabbed the Sandbag or water pipe and ran up the hill. Before running, jogging or walking back down 10 air squats had to be completed. The other was at the bottom of the hill ripping through another exercise until the partner came back.  Then we traded spots to continue the pain.  (Funny, no mumble chatter during this part)

The exercises at the bottom of the hill included:

100 burpees

300 LBC’s

200 merkins

200 air squats

It did not matter what your role was, the heavy breathing drowned out any other noise, complaints, mumble chatter ect.  This is when the C02 cloud appeared above NBP. The PAX finished strong and put this workout in the books!!!!!

Finally… COT

Welcome FNG Mike Dumer (Tom Sawyer)

FIAB is visiting us from Pittsburgh!

Torch race this a.m.

5/10k trail run tomorrow which we have several PAX participating.

Shirts being shipped

SUP is coming soon and it will be sold out. F3 will lead the warmup and do a group run.


2 officer shot and killed yesterday in FL. Pray for their families and friends.

Mike “Hoppy” Hopkins internal health issues and he is young.

Pray for all of our Pax members in races this weekend.