Boxing Day Beatdown

Weather: 60 and pleasant

With another Christmas Day behind us, the pax gathered at Nolan for an opportunity to work off some of the prior day’s Christmas dinner. There was no pre-run so with all of us bright-eyed at 5.15, the core principles and disclaimers were read before a 2-lap mozi that included nur, corioca x2, and butt kickers. We then gathered round for the COP consisting of imperial walkers, strawberry pickers, Abe Vigota, Moroccan nightclubs, and bad back stretches.

YHC then asked if anyone knew what holiday falls on the day after Christmas, and it should surprise no one that Papa Smurf knows that today is Boxing Day in the UK and some of the former countries in the British Empire. After failing to get clearance from F3 headquarters to do actual boxing, we had to go with a more conventional F3 workout, but with several exercises that are named after famous boxers.

The workout was structured into 12 rounds (hey, just like a boxing match), each of which consisted of 2 sets of exercises. The first 6 rounds (listed on one side of the Manziel Board of Pain) consisted of:

Round 1 – 40x Evander Holyfields and 40x American Hammers

Round 2 – 30x Squats and 30x SSH

Round 3 – 50x Speedbags (move your hands like you’re punching one) and 60x Peter Parkers

Round 4 – 60x Jump Rope (actually, pretend jump rope) and 40x Overhead Claps

Round 5 – 30x Joe Louis and 40x Mountain Climbers

Round 6 – 30x Carolina Drydocks and 50x LBCs

After each round, the pax ran around one side of the parking lot and out to the street corner, where with the aid of the curb they did 10 Mike Tysons, and ran back. After the first six rounds, the Board of Pain was flipped over to reveal rounds 7-12. In the interest of time, the run was shortened to just go straight to the curb, and only 5 Mike Tysons were required for the remaining trips. The exercises for these rounds were:

Round 7 – 50x Speedbags and 50x Moroccan Nightclubs

Round 8 – 40x Evander Holyfield and 20x Monkey Humpers

Round 9 – 30x SSH and 50x American Hammers

Round 10 – 50x LBCs and 60x Jump Rope

Round 11 – 30x Joe Louis and 30x Carolina Drydocks

Round 12 – 40x Evander Holyfield and 50x Freddie Mercury

Not counting the Mike Tysons, the spreadsheet tells me that routine got in a total of 1,000 reps. We went a couple minutes over time, but it was totally justified due to the amount of dessert consumed yesterday.


  • No official 2nd F tonight at Pincher’s, but Pincher won’t stop you from showing up anyway
  • Races coming up (Superhero 5k, Feb 16 at NBP, Super Bowl Sunday triathlon)

Praises & Prayer requests:

  • Friend of Sniper battling cancer
  • Friend of ShamWow, recovering well from a stroke but always in need of more prayers
  • Banjo’s family
  • Police, firefighters, troops and 1st responders
  • Pax – or anyone else – getting close to an interstate or airport in the next week

YHC joined Pincher for a quick 2-mile post-run, with Pincher, who’s training for a half marathon, continuing on for an undetermined distance.

Hopefully Papa Smurf will pop into the comments to give us an abridged history of Boxing Day, but I think I’m done here.



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  1. Boxing Day. Wikipedia gives the answers but I think it’s from St Stephens. You give boxes of presents to servants that day.

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