Bing’s 3 year anniversary

7 men showed up today in defiance to the Law of Fartsackin.   We set off on a Mosey to celebrate Bing’s 3 year anniversary!!! Nice work Bing and thanks for starting the mustard seed.


The Thang

Mosey to the start of the bridge:   circled up for a warm up

19 SSHs

10 Merkins

15 Flutter Kicks

played 30 -60 -90 with heals to heaven

2 rounds of touch a tree

  1.   Find five different trees and do 10-30 Jump Squats running back each time to the start.
  2.   Find five trees and to 10-30 LBCs running back each time.

We brought out the mini beast

Run to first tree drop and to 6 merkins run to second tree 6 merkins than the third and run back with the same trees.

run to first tree do 10 mountain climbers than rinse and repeat just like the first round.

Now its time for Lucky 11s  on the top Monkey Humpers and bottom American Hammers

10 count by Papa Smurf, Replied what me? 10 count? whats going on?   I replied its a JUST a 10 count!!

Teamed up with another man to run up the bridge and the other man lunges and than bear crawled.

Last we line up for a native American run back to the flag.


What a great way to start our day.

Prayers go out for Clutches son recovering from surgery

Sniper’s brother

Other pax members that are going through relationship problems.

Thanks again for showing up big time and letting me lead, I have my 3 year anniversary coming up.

Welcome FNG  Webelo to our pax thanks for Papa Smurf for heading locking him today.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  to  Bing # 3 and counting


2 thoughts on “Bing’s 3 year anniversary”

  1. Monkey Humpers at the beautiful Ringling Causeway, that’s just awesome. What a sight that must have been.

    Also, happy anniversary Bing, your impact on the Men in Sarasota and Bradentucky is continually growing. I’m proud to be associated with F3.

    • I am humbled by the success of this F3 Region and count my blessings daily, mostly after the pain from the morning bootcamp has subsided!

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