NBP Tower Tour

Quick disclosure and core principles we headed off on a quick Mosy heading towards and around the NBP Tower. Along the way YHC pointed out the cones that would be used during the THANG.

We circled up and did some SSH’s and Strawberry Pickers.


There were 5 stations around the tower and 3 within the tower.

Station 1 = Shoulder Taps and Merkins

Station 2 = American Hammers and Butterfly Sit Ups

Station 3 = Plank Jacks and CDD

Station 4 = Toy Soldiers and Imp Walkers

Station 5 = Side Lunges and Freddy Mercuries

Station 6 = LBC’s and Flutter Kicks

Stations 7 = SSH’s and Moroccan NC’s

Stations 8 = Jump Squats and Lunges

25 reps of each exercise around the 5 tower stations… to move from one station to the next you had to loop the tower then head to the next station making sure to NUR anytime you were on “Sniper Hill”.

The Tower stations were the same 25 reps of each exercise but no loop just head up the stairs and back down.

With time left we did a round of 7’s doing some Bobby Hurley’s and Merkins and a round of Mary with each Pax member calling out an exercise.