Balmy and 82

82 dagrees and probably higher humidity to bake us during the Monday beatdown!

For our mozi we did two laps around in the dark and accomplished all the good mozi stuff. (Butt kickers, kerioke,high knees, back peddle and Nur….)

The warm up

Ssh,Wind mills,Imperial Walkers, Strawberry pickers and of coarse bad back stretches!

The Thang

We sweated our way over to the basketball court for a round of 7s which included burpees and regular sit-ups. We knocked it out!

Then we grabbed some H2O and headed for the speed bumps for workouts using our legs, upper body and core.

bump 1

merks X20

air squats x 20

lbc x20

With a little variation we “rinse and repeated” at each speed bump until we were completely beat down. Everyone hit it hard!


Prayers for Ponzi’s father

Ft. DeSoto Tri series