Backblast from The Tower

There was a chill at The Tower this morning. 47 degrees. 5:15am. After a brisk mozy n some dynamic stretching 14 brave HIM’s descended to the lower levels of The Tower for Rowdy’s 1st VQ!

We started with ”Levels 1-3″ lvl 1 merkins, lvl 2 dips, lvl 3 carolina dry docks to jailbreak up The Tower. Side straddle hops or planks till the 6 was in and immediately repeat. 3 sets. Now we were warmed up who’s in for 3 rounds of “Rowdy Says”…everyone, wonderful! 1st round 5 exercises (merkins, super burpees (thank you Chilli Pepper), lunges, air squats n tree huggers). Punishment for doing without Rowdy saying, 3 super burpees! Rd 1 saw Rowdy taking one for the team and going without his own say n getting 3 others to follow! Worth it! Rd 2 – 3 was a group effort of designing that saw some Monkey Humpers (Big Mac), Homer 2 Marges (Chilli Pepper), Peter Parkers (Bing), Lbc (Rowdy), Flutter Kicks (Zeus, Respect), Merkins (Double Deuce), Thors (Gridlock) and any I forgot no disrespect, it was 13 hrs ago! For all intents n purposes I feel I’m doing pretty good! Indian Run, last man Super Burpee n run to the front. After all that..JAILBREAK! Back up The Tower for some Balls to the Wall n Wall Squats till failure. 2 mins of Mary to end it.

The message and word of the day was Change! This has become so much more than a work out for me. I know I’m not the only one. But to think where I was 3 yrs ago it is uncomprehensible to see me now. 2yrs ago I didn’t exercise except a bar fight, spirit depleted, ready n willing to die. 1yr ago fighting for my life. Ready n willing to LIVE! This morning leading a workout for some extraordinary HIM’s! What a rogues gallery we have assembled for our pax. I learn so much from this group and cherish every pre run, workout and circle of trust. Which reminds me…

Prayer requests…1)Diesels wifes recovery from back surgery. 2)Mr. Cleans family, especially sister as they cope with moms situation. 3) Chili Peppers job hunt (even though he didn’t request it). 4) last but never least for the safety of all First Responders especially those close to us. Zeus, Sniper n Hercules. Thank you for all you do, God bless Gentlemen.

Think I got it all, if I forgot anyone or thing I promise it’s not outta disrespect. It was 13 hrs ago. Thank you all so much for the support with everything. Big welcome to Shrink! F3 Suncoast. Respect