Weather: 48, crisp yet sunny with dew-soaked grass

After YHC and Sparky worked through Ripken having voluntold them both that they were replacement Q’ing for him, YHC thought it was sorted out.  Upon setting-up for the Gloom, YHC learned that Mr. Clean was also under the impression that he was Q’ing.  Mr. Clean kindly obliged to hand-off QIC duties, and the morning was set.  YHC opened with a poll of the PAX on the 5 Core Principles and the Beatdown commenced.

The PAX moseyed about 1/4 of a mile, incorporating High Knees, Carioca, and Toy Soldiers.  Following, and on a tight schedule, we moseyed to the basketball court and circled-up.


  • SSH – IC – 20
  • Imperial Walkers – IC – 10
  • Strawberry Pickers – IC – 10
  • Alternating Hamstring Stretches – 4
  • SSH – IC – 20
  • Alternating Arm Across Chest Stretches – 2
  • Alternating Arm Down Back Stretches – 2
  • Randy’s – IC – 20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs – IC – 30

The Playlist

The Thang

YHC wished the PAX a Happy Thanksgiving, advising that the calorie intake this upcoming week would likely be high.  YHC advised that he was happy to oblige in providing a pre-T.U.R.K.E.Y. Day calorie cleanse.  Given today’s limited numbers and 2 announced early outs, there was no need to divvy up into teams.   YHC advised that today’s Beatdown would attempt to incorporate 6 different workout themes into a 52-minute period.  Each workout would be 7-minutes straight, followed by a 1-minute hydration/station rotation beak.  Detailed instructions were provided at each station.  YHC advised the PAX to pay attention to the RED letters at each station, which represented the Beatdown’s theme.  PAX were encouraged to give it all they had, as each station provided a different set of workout challenges.  Below were the stations:

The PAX did an outstanding job of battling the cold (few dressed in layers), and handling a challenging workout.  All members successfully conquered the Triple Nickel (barely) by time, and all 5 remaining PAX reached H.I.M. status on the Escalator, which was a challenge based on its  placement of late into the beatdown.  On top of completing a ton of fast-paced exercises, we ran over 2 miles and suffered through over 100 Burpees, largely thanks to Mr. Clean’s persistence in drawing the Wild Card during UNO.


  • Christmas For Men In Need – we are still actively raising funds and taking donations on supplies for this 12/11 event.  The link to donate toward the cause is HERE.  To learn more about the cause, click HERE.  We will be holding a stocking stuffing event at Recall’s place prior to the event.  More details to come on that.

Praise/Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: PAX and their families as they travel throughout the Holiday Season
  • Praise: thanks for the prayers for Recall’s 2.0. who had a successful round of surgery.  He will have a follow-up surgery in 6 months.
  • Prayer: Recall’s upcoming medical procedure in December

Super job today, gang!  Happy Thanksgiving — all of us have so very much to be thankful for.  Don’t ever forget that.