And today, we had more

Weather – 69 and humid. Yup, it’s December?

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Drake, Ripken, Brutus, Zipp, Pincher, Drake


  • Ronald McDonald house tonight


  • Drakes client/friend who passed away
  • Ripken’s coworker and her breast cancer surgery
  • Ripken’s M on her tests this week
  • Bing’s friend starting the Daniel Plan to start a healthier lifestyle
  • QuickDraw and his health

Ripken and Brutus took off on their fat tire bikes while the rest of the pax took off for a fast paced jaunt down Lorraine. From the looks of it, just about all of us set PRs along the route, with thanks to Zipp who has brought a whole new level of speed to the ride.

Roughly 20-miles later and the pax was all back safely at Wawa, clearly last week wasn’t all we had.

~Bing out