2019 Lion’s Den Opener

So last night I went to check who was the Q for Lion’s Den around 7PM and no one had it yet, so I decided I would try my first Q alone. I did a Q once with Kotter.


  • Took a Mosey from the parking lot to the adjacent parking lot
  • SSH in Cadence x 25
  • Arm Circles forward and backward
  • Squats in Cadence 1 Down 2 Hold at bottom for 2 seconds, 3 up
  • Mosey back to start

Oh Hey Pappa Smurf and Splicer, nice of you to join us 10 minutes into the workout!


First Round: Choose a partner (One person who has run a half marathon with someone who hasn’t)

  •  Step ups – 10 each leg while the other person does bench dips, then switch
    • Then proceed to do 8 reps for the same thing, then 6, then 4, then 2
  • Indian Run to the Top of the Hill

The Thang:

  • Keep your same partner and wheelbarrow each other to the other side of the top of the Hill
  • Then the one partner runs down the path down the hill while the other person bear crawls back the other side of the top of the hill.
  • Once the person runs down the hill they sprint back up to meet their partner who is holding a plank (or another ab exercise) waiting for them
  • SWITCH ROLE and repeat for a total of 4 times (2 times for each partner)

I underestimated the distance and it ended up being significantly longer distance than I anticipated for the bear crawls and the wheel barrows. I originally thought we would do 5 rounds each which would back 20 total runs (1 up and 1 down) and 20 bear crawls/ wheelbarros so I called this one the “20-20” but it ended up being an exhausting 8-8.


Workout Circle:

  • The we circled up and each of the 14 people picked an exercise and we went around and did 20 seconds of each one.
    • Big Mac introduced the Lion’s Den crowd to the BIG SEXY…..Several people had a hard time do the workout while laughing…….Thankfully there were no FNG’s haha
  • Then we did another last Indian Run back down the hill
  • Big Mac would not let us finish 2 minutes early so we did a Burpee Wave with some High Knees

Good work men!


Moleskin Conclusion:

Just like I bit off more than I could chew for “the thang”, there are times in life where we face things that feel like are over our head or more than we can handle. It is super important for us as the body of Christ to have each other’s backs and make those moments easier. We can push each other and be there for each other!

I felt this first hand, yesterday my Grandma passed away and I can not tell you how many people (including PAX) that encouraged me, reached out to me and let me know that they were there if I need anything! I just reminded me how important it is to have people like that in your life!



  • SuperHero 5k
  • Gator Wilderness 5k
  • reviveFLORIDA outreach in February – stay tuned for more info
  • Gridlock Boston Marathon Qualifier