Running is over-rated. It’s bad for the knees and makes you all sweaty. So we decided to do an entire beatdown without any running.

Olympus got things started with an energetic warm-up. He cheated a little … we moved about 10 yards doing the warm-up. We did a series of exercises, each one interspersed with 5 burpees:

  • Walking hamstring stretches
  • Toy soldiers
  • Lunge progressions
  • Swimming exercises on the ground
  • Merkins in all forms (Regular, narrow, wide)
  • Planks in all forms (Regular, left side, right side, Peter Parkers, supin, shoulder taps).

We then formed into a circle and started a Mexican wave. One or two people did an exercise while the others did a different exercise.

  • Main group: Sidestraddle hops. Small group: Burpees.
  • Main group: Speed skaters. Small group: Merkins.
  • Main group: Bobby Hurleys. Small group:  Mountain Climbers.
  • Main group: Squats. Small group: Big-boy sit-ups.
  • Main group: Burpees. Small group: American hammers.
  • Main group: Lunges. Small group: Get-ups.

Prayers for Amazon whose father passed recently, and for Olympus’ daughter who is 10 today.

Hopefully this beatdown rated more than 0.0.