Tar Heel brings it!!

Name-a-rama – https://share.icloud.com/photos/0F2h7wnv0QYlMZwgiVOxrkmaA

The Clearwater Pax had a terrific showing on Saturday! We had a total of 17 show up, with 5 FNGs.

Tar Heel led as Q for his first time.

We started with introduction, disclaimer and F3 Principles, and then circled up for a round of warm ups.

Once warm-ups concluded, we took off on an Indian Run for roughly 1/3 mile and then back to our meeting spot.

Before the Thang, we teamed up with another Pax to complete a series of 200 squats, with each alternating in a resting squat while squats were performed.

At the meeting spot, Tar Heel explained the Thang – a Triangle Beat Down!

At each point of the triangle, the Pax would start with the smaller number and increase at each point of the triangle and then move to a new exercise

  • Merkins 20/25/30
  • Squats 30/35/40
  • Arm Circles 30/35/40
  • Overhead Claps 25/30/35
  • Burpees – 10/15/20

Once the Thang was completed, we then performed another group run in cadence, with Dirt Dart leading the Pax in his favorite Airborne Rangers Grandma Cadence.

After the run, a round of Mary took place to conclude the workout.

The Pax then circled for the name-a-rama and CoT.