Winter Olympics

Olympus is now a 2-time Olympian. This time he won a medal. Please congratulate him when you see him.

Today featured 17 wiley veterans and 3 FNGs (Welcome to Tiger, Gump & Scrum). Ripken reminded us that Jesus cursed the fig tree for bearing no fruit.  Let us be Christian men that bear fruit and make it obvious to the world what we believe.

After the ceremonial reciting of the disclaimer and 5 core principals, we Mozy’d with the flags hoping to EH a few neighbors. No such luck…yet.

Warmup-a-rama consisted of SMITS: Side-straddle hops, Moroccan NightClubs, Imperial Walkers, Toy Solders and Super Burpees.

Three Olympic qualifiers commenced. Round One: 1-2 minutes of Moguls, followed by 1-2 minutes of S

nowboard Tailgrabs. Round Two: Five rings in EchoChamber with Merkins, Saturday Nights, Plank Circles, LBCs and Squats with Swing Abs.  Round Three: Five rings with Carolina Dry-docks, Up/Down Planks, American Hammers, Squat Pulses, Monkey Humpers.

All Pax qualified for the Winter Olympics which consisted of Short Track Speed Skating, Giant Slalom, 2 Man Bobsled and Curling. Cheesesteak did a good impression of a dog with worms during the Bobsled.  Mr. Clean’s version of Short Track resembled the mating dance of the Purple Headed Glossy Starling.

Several 3 Burpee penalties were called on cheaters: Speedy, Bing, Drake, Chili Pepper, Olympus and Ripken.  Several of the participants are shown in the action photos.

The COT ended with praying over FuzzyMoto who is moving to Tacoma.  Others needing prayer for cancer and prayers for all the kids in school and their safety.