Tower Fun

As the calendar changes to Oct there seem to be a “cool” breeze blowing at NBP as the car continued to roll into the parking lot.

Tuesday seems to be the new Friday as our Tuesday numbers continue to grow…. 🙂

Mosy –

We headed off on our normal mosy over and around the bridges doing some buttkickers, high knees and Karaoke’s.

Continued with a large circle of SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers and Windmills…. before heading to the base of the tower.

The Thang

YHC’s back has been bothering him so I stayed away from back work outs but my shoulders and legs paid the price.

We were such a large group we counted off by 2’s to start on different levels.

20 Merkins on all six levels

20 Moroccan NC’s on all six levels

20 Shoulder Taps on all six levels

Some did extra credit and did laps around base of tower between exercises or while waiting for the 6

Now that everyone’s shoulders were awake it was time to head off to Sniper Hill for the second half  and a Triple Nickel

5 Squats at the bottom of Sniper Hill

NUR up Sniper Hill

5 Lt Dan’s at the top

Run back down hill

Do this 5 Times.

Timing was just about right as most finished just about 6:00


Discussed the races coming up that we should be supporting or running

Care2Tri – Nov 2

Savage – Nov 9

Ragnar – Dec 6-7


Ronald McDonald house on Tues Dec 17th – More info to follow.


Prayers for many family members including Wilson’s M, SnapShot’s M and himself, Ace’s son, Bing’s Brother and any others I may have forgotten.


It was a great way to start the day and the Month on October.