This looked better on paper

12 Men decided to beat the fartsack this morning.  I had planned some team work fun run activities.

Team work makes the Dream work:

Mosey for 5 lopes around the field to a perfect circle.

20 SSH

5/5 big and small arm circles

10 Homer to Mars

20 LBCs

10 Flashdance specials

WE team up 2 men 6 teams

1 man runs around the circle the other held balls to the wall, we did this for 3 rounds.

1 man runs the other held the squat against the wall for 3 rounds.

We circled up for Mary’s teamwork

Bear crawl to partner 6 booyah merkins bear crawled back and then held the plank

Held six inches to start than 25 flutter kicks jump up and push the legs down and jump back into the circle.

American hammer round of Mary this ends our teamwork portion.


We lined up for some 4 square

25 merkins run the next corner 25 jump squats than bear crawled to the next corner for 25 mountain climbers than ran to the next corner 25 LBCs. We were able to complete 2 rounds before we had to call time!!!

Every man pushed it today so proud of the effort and the energy at 5am this morning.

MY BOOM: shout out goes to Hercules for dropping 30 plus LBs nice work!!!

The transformation I have seen in many men in this group is amazing.

Prayers go out for all of brothers who are injured we miss you see you soon.

We have many events going on so if your have a event make sure to make a Pre Blast!!

I am honored to have led this AM I was feeling Virginia homesick this morning the move was big for my family and adjusting to the changes is going to take time.

Be Super