The Refrigeration Circuit

QIC: Condenser

It’s about disruption. There is no work able to be done in a refrigeration cycle without a metering device, something that causes pressure. Without it the compressor just pushes the refrigerant around the piping loop like a wet noodle on a foggy morning in the swamp.

Imperial walkers
Hillbilly walkers
Abe Bagodas
Cherry pickers
Jimmy deans


Separate Pax into equal groups, with equal number of Rucksacks in each. Model three activities after the major components of the refrigeration circuit. One more major component, the metering device, that is left up to the pax accountability – more on this later…

Two Compressor stations where the pax will take turns completing an exercise utilizing the ruck sacks, while the pax with sacks go at it (minds up boys) the pax without the sacks do an agreed upon core exercise. The exercises for the rucksacks were:
Sack Curls, Sack O.H. presses, Sack rows, and full dead lift of sacks. Each of these exercises were to be done to fail, or to a point where your brother knows you got this thang.

After each single round of sack exercises, a double time mosey with sacks was to be made alternating between the loops (coils).

Condenser coil – quarter mile straight out and back on flat land, each pax turns around with the lead runner on return route.

Evaporator Tower loop – up and down the entire tower with sacks, again each pax turns around with lead ruck on the way down.

The Metering Device… much like the Q-point that without disruption nothing changes, a refrigeration circuit is useless without out friction. Some point of refrigeration is required to BUILD THE PRESSURE, thus RAISING THE HEAT CONTENT in order that the waste heat can then be rejected and put away. —Pax were left to hold each other accountable and spur one another on to work hard, creating friction and allowing the work to be put to gainful use.

…finally ended up the last minutes with a Squating Circle of Sack Passing Fun (SCOSPF)… add in two circling bottles of the latest movement in refrigerant (Propane) for some burpee action and we were done.

TAPS for all those with friction that we can’t understand, but are great full for a God and Pax brothers who love us and where we are at…

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