If you ain’t first, you’re last

Weather: 67 degrees, humidity not high enough to fog my glasses
PAX: Brutus, Yamaha
Yamaha came in hot at 5:59, and I wasn’t completely prepared as Q, thinking I’d be solo again. I Totally forgot to go through the 5 core principles, and I even screwed up my own name-a-Rama.  Yamaha made me nervous. I’m still feeling guilty for making him wait an extra 20 minutes for me while I chased the pace during my yellow Ragnar loop.

Yamaha led a quick prayer mainly for a safe ride and that today wouldn’t be the day that my Schwinn would fall apart.

The Thang: started a little late 6:06am after chatting with Yamaha about Skiing at Steamboat, kids keeping him up til all hours and raw steel for ruck plates (dude’s got a plasma cutter in his garage – that’s bada$$).   We departed and continued our discussion for a minute or so southbound on Lorraine, then Yamaha took off, crushing my hopes of back to back F3 Tuesday ride victories. 2nd place was my destiny this gloom. Goal, as usual, was to beat 60 minutes or exceed 17.0mph average speed on my typical 17 mile loop.  Did it this week @ 17.1 mph ?.  Yamaha also finished his 17 Miles about 7 minutes ahead of YHC.  Great ride today – I really enjoy this ride every Tuesday.