The Randomizer

Weather: cold (for FL, 55F) and blustery with a steady drizzle. Yes, perfectly random conditions for a random beatdown.

Pre-run: YHC considered not posting until just before 0515 beatdown, but saw Ripken’s feeler for an 0420 pre-run. YHC decided to posted for the pre-run, but then became reluctant given the cold and damp conditions. Once out of my car, Ripken was fully engaged in SSHs to warm the bod, and prep the high beams to go Chip-n-dale style. Nevertheless, YHC initially decided a carsack would be best, so off Ripken went solo. Within in minutes Trump rolled into the parking lot fully prepared to go postal. The peer pressure was on, so YHC launched to the post office where Ripken was git-n-r-dun on the post office hill. Trump joined soon afterward. Just another example of how F3 gets you to do good things you wouldn’t do on your own. Good leadership, Ripken.

Welcome: The parking lot was surprisingly congested given the conditions. At exactly 0515, YHC belted-out the 5 Core F3 Principles and the disclaimer, then launched the pax into a quick two-lap mosey that included high knees, skips and butt-kickers. Then the pax circled-up for CoP.

Circle of Pain (CoP):

  1. SSH, x15 IC
  2. Hand-release merkins (just to make sure everyone got nice and wet on the front, queue mumble chatter), x10 OYO
  3. Big-boy situps (just to make sure everyone got nice and wet on the back, queue more mumble chatter),  x10 OYO
  4. Imperial Walkers, x15 IC
  5. Fast-fire-feet, for a while

The Thang: A lot of life has the appearance of randomness. A job offer out of the blue, a health issues pops-up, a financial burden appears seemingly from know where. Life is certainly unpredictable at times. Today’s beatdown was no different.

YHC obtained a random number generator that could pick random numbers from 1-128. Why 128? Well, it so happens that YHC also has a list of F3 exercises numbered from 1-128. The objective: let the random number generator pick the exercise and the number of repetitions. After the reps are completed, then a lap around the parking lot commenced. Rinse and repeat. It will be fun.

The only catch was that once a pax reached the rep count for the given exercise, then that pax rang the cowbell. Upon hearing the cowbell, all pax take off for the lap. There were 3 options for the lap: a short loop, medium loop and full loop. Nearly all pax chose the full loop for each rep. The only other rule was that once a pax rang the bell, he was no longer eligible to ring the bell until all pax had rung the bell once. So, that meant pax continued to do the exercise (over-and-above rep count until someone new reach the count and rang the bell). The exercises and reps were as follows (can’t remember exact order or count, unfortunately, but this is my best recollection):

Scissor kicks, 56

Shoulder taps, 26 ea arm

Imperial walker, 28 ea leg

Rodeos (CDD followed by a mule kick), 53, lot’s of mumble chatter here

Calf rasise, 54

Squat pulse, 38

Freddy Mercury, 118

Side-plank leg lifts, 128 (64 ea leg) and lots of mumble chatter

Pointer planks, 30-sec ea arm

Bobby Hurley, 32

Superman Skydiver, 41

At just the right time (intended the song to play randomly, but was getting close to 0600 so had to force my hand. Little Willy came on and endless burpees ensued). Everyone survived.

All told, we covered right at about 2-miles at pretty good paces.

The playlist was as follows:

  1. Bad Company, Five Finger Death Punch
  2. Danger! High Voltage, Electric Six
  3. Don’t Let me Down, The Chainsmokers
  4. KernKraft 400, Power Music Workout
  5. Little Willy, The Sweet
  6. Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes
  7. Sweep the Leg, Family Force 5
  8. Turn the Music Up, NF
  9. Jump Around, House of Pain with Micky Slim
  10. ‘Till I Collapse, Eminem
  11. Turn Down for What, DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Welcome FNGs, Archie and Denali!

It was fun.


  1. Volunteers needed for holiday outreach.
  2. Ragnar Training ongoing, seeing lots of miles and doubles. Get your training in!
  3. Need pax to step-up and lead some beatdowns, see schedule and sign-up for at least one.

Prayer Requests / Praises:

  1. Injured and fartsacked pax
  2. First Responders

Great job to all pax for making this gloom fun.

“To do what others cannot, do what others will not.”