The Ghost Pepper

As 7am rolled around, it was apparent that the Q was either his usual 5 minutes late, or not showing at all, which is no problem at all when surrounded by many high impact men.  YHC ran through the disclaimer and 5 core principles and followed with welcoming the 2 FNGs.  Due to sore back issues, YHC modified greatly and took off for a 5-mile run while the remaining pax headed out for a round robin Q.  First up was Drake for the following:

Mosey towards the bridge with high knees, Nur and Butt kickers, stopping for 20 merkins as a warm-up.  Once across the bridge, the Pax circled up for some Jacks:  SHH, Plus Jacks and Fly Jacks – 20 xIC.  Next stop was the famous Ripken White Pole for 20 Star Jacks.  The Mosey continued around the lake with another stop for 2-minutes of Lunge Walk.  One more stop at the base of the the bridge to meet up with ShamWow and do 100 single count mountain climbers.  The final run back to the shell road for an all out sprint, pushing the heart rates to the red zone. After an easy mosey, it as back to the pavilion to be handed off to Pincher.

Pincher went back to a recent Q and whipped out the phone for a Tabata style workout that includes:

Big Mac takes the realm, for a quasi VQ with Sparky covering on the return trip.  Next up was a dash up the “hill” for a speed bump series of exercises including Burpees, Merkins, American Hammers, LBCs and Jump Squats to name a few. The run back showed that McNugget truly loves running as he came flying back, as if shot out of a deep fryer was being chased by some sweet and sour sauce!

Next up was Ripken for the finisher that included a round of Banjo Bearcrawl – or also known as Circle Merkins.  There was some mumble chatter and disagreement as to what time a few watches declared, but all joined in for the bearcrawl to close out a solid session. 

It is clear that this group is loaded with high impact men, ready to step up at a moments notice.  Thankfully Chili Pepper is fine, and faults a poorly calculated battery level causing his alarm to not ring, but he will pay for it with his 100 burpee penalty regardless.


  • Prayers for the families that lost their 2.0’s in a tragic car accident on St Rte 64 earlier this week. Prayers for the families during this trying time and Smudge is going to speak with the father and invite him to F3 so we can surround him with the power of F3.
  • Prayers for Lynn, a family friend of the Kelly family and her cancer treatement
  • Prayers for safe travels for ShamWow
  • Prayers for YHC’s back, and Praise for the laying of hands and praying for me! It was much appreciated and was powerful.
  • Prayers for a procedure on Recall’s 2.0
  • Prayers for Green Thumb, his M and 2.0 in the womb.


  • 2nd F on Wednesday at Pinchers