Dirty Triangle

It was a little lonely on this hot and humid morning at the base of the hill. Still a little dark as the pax began to arrive starting with Kotter freshoff his solo ruck. The nerves were a little restless and the urge to splash was strong as a new VQ was at the lead. Soon, we had Deisel and snapshot and Kotter informed us it was time and the VQ jumped into action only forgetting one of the 5 core principles, or is it four? We headed out for a nice mosey up the west side of dirty hill, once up top we circled up with a round of side straddle hops, daisy pickers, little baby crunches. WAIT, was that a roar? Yes it was, the pax finished their warm ups with a four on the roar. The VQ then introduced the dirty triangle. Three points up top of the hill were pointed out. At each point the pax would complete at least 25 reps.  Stronger pax would continue in reps  until the 6’s would complete all 25. The pax would then mosey together to next point. Pax sweated thru this for twenty minutes, half way thru all the sweat Papa Smurf shows up ready to get dirty and sweaty boosting the moral of all.

Dirty Triangle

  • 25 Merkins
  • Mosey
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docs
  • Mosey
  • 25 of pax choice
  • Mosey
  • repeat for 20 minutes

The pax then took a mosey over to lone bench and began a round of what the VQ calls over and backs (only because VQ doesn’t know all of the terminology yet so we will go with over and backs) workout began with twenty dips on lone bench followed by crossing the stanky grass to other side where it was pax choice. How  stanky grass got crossed was up to the individual. We  huffed and puffed  individually for 15 minutes.

Over and Backs

  • 2o dips
  • Mosey across stanky grass
  • 20 whatever you desired
  • Mosey Accross stanky grass
  • Repeat for 15 minutes

We  then moseyed  over for a round of Mary’s. All the VQ can remember here is that the lions once again interrupted and we grumbled thru another four on the roar. Pax then moseyed one lap around the top of dirty hill back to the flag and circled up for announcements and prayer.  Snapshot asked for prayer for his fathers wife who passed away this week and Diesel requests prayer for his wife.

This VQ would like to thank all those who helped make this a very special morning in the gloom. VQ also apologizes if this back-blast is filled with wrong terminology and makes no sense, he is a VQ. Slater is headed to his fart sack.


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  1. Great job brother. The lexicon will start to take hold soon. Also, feel free to use the f3nation.com website. The lexicon is there along with all of the exercise names.

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