The “F -ing” Work out, Summer of 69

Sauna Temp 85 F – with lots of  F’n Sweat

VQ: Lancelot

5:15 am-5 core principals, disclaimer

“F – ing” workout : Foundation: Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, & F_ _ _ it    *** Fifty ( Lancelot)


Mozy- Lap w/ Butt kickers, Carioca x 2, &  Nur

COP- Windmills, Side Straddle Hops

,  & Strawberry Pickers

The Thang- 50/69-  3 Stations on a 1/2 Mile Route (w/ 23 reps of various Exercises at each Station)

                         1/2 Mile     .50 / 69       3x(23)

Optional Exercises: Big Boy Sit ups, Bobby Hurley, Bulgarian Ball Busters, Dolly Sit ups, Dancing Bear, Imperials, Roslita, Alphabet, Squats, Daniel Sons, Rocket Dips, Monkey Hoppers, No Surrender, Burpees, & Shawshanks


Announcements- Thursday, July 4th – Adventure park 1776 Challenge

Wednesday, July 3rd – 4 Miler Benderson Park

Prayer Requests- None


Pax: Pincher, Ripken, Sniper, Cotton Tail, Bing, Trump, Manziel, Defib, Clutch, Desani, Slater, Diesel,

Banjo, Crab Cakes, Snapshot, Deep Dish, Mr Clean, & Lancelot


***A very big “Thank you” to the Cyclist Pax, who amended their plans to ride out to NBP, to support me.