That wasn’t so bad!

It was a glorious morning. Breezy but not windy. Perfect 71degrees with just the right humidity. Thank You God for such a morning!

515am – Greeting, Disclaimer, Brief Description of events.

517-525am – Warm up of Dynamic Stretches. Strawberry Pickers (IK), Windmills (IK), Agitators, Arm Circles and Michael Phelps.

525-531 – Big Sexy Mozy! Pickle Pounders, Pickle Pointers, Monkey Humpers (14each, IK)

531-555 – Furious 5 Merkins (regular, incline, decline, reg, repeat 5each down to 0)

Furious 5 Squats (5squats, double leg jump up to next level, 5squats, double leg jump to next level, 5squats, hop down to ground and repeat from 5 downt to 0)

Bing Deck – Upper Body (Carolina Dry Docks, Staggered Hand Merkins, 20each, 10 n 10 for merkins, plank or SSH for 6)

2nd Deck – Lower Body (Jump Squats, Lunges, 20each, wall squat or SSH for 6)

3rd Deck – Core (5 All Mighty Thors, plank for 6) + hold that plank for the big ending of Paradise City…BABYYY!

Sun Deck – Full Body (Burpees, Reverse Burpees, 10each, plank or SSH for 6) and Core Circle (American Hammers (20 IK, Defib), LBC’s (30, Clutch) and Big Boy Situps (20, Sham WOW))

555-600am – Injury Prevention Static Stretches (Right leg over left leg, left leg over right leg Hamstring, Quad Stretch, Groin Stretch w/ arm across body shoulder stretch, Calf Stretch)

C.O.T – Announcements – Bridge a Life Superhero 5k, Sarasota Sheriffs Office Clay Pigeon Shoot.

Praises – Steel got baptized!! Defibs 5yr old laid down a righteous prayer of healing over his baby brother!! Tranes M successfully made it through MRI and they are expecting news today!! Praise God for the wonderful day He gave us!!

Prayer Requests – Dasanis cousin Mindy and family have been having a rough run and recently suffered a loss to top things off…prayers for patience, strength, peace an unity for them. Jimmy Dean has an injured shoulder that is causing lots of pain and loss of mobility…prayers for healing and deliverance from pain as well as wisdom and steady hands for the dr’s. Trane and Ripken, their M’s and 2.0’s as they deal with the uncertainty and chaos of cancer…prayers for peace and unity in the families. prayers for supernatural healing for the M’s. prayers for wisdom, patience, godly leadership and strength for Ripken and Trane. prayers for wisdom, courage and steady hands over all dr’s. Last but not least prayers for all our troops at home or abroad and for our First responders with an extra eye on our big 3 Sniper, Zeus and Hercules.

Rowdy out. F3. Respect.