I’m putting down vinyl flooring right now and hating you…..

Was the text message I received this morning at 11:28am from one of the PAX who attended the Monday morning beatdown at AP.  I’d say he had a great time and the workout was challenging and beneficial.

I wish I could take credit for the Q but I can’t.  They say “Imitation is the best form of flattery.”  When preparing the Q for today I thought of the beatdowns that I had attended and kept coming back to the famous Manziel 3-Way workout I attended in November, so I figured I stick with that theme but make a few tweaks.

The weather was upper 60’s with a nearly full moon providing plenty of light over the echo chamber.  A

At 5:15 YHC reviewed the 5 core principles to the 9 PAX in attendance and started a 2 lap mosey around the parking lot.  The mosey included high knees, butt kickers and a brief NER.  As the PAX  completed the Mosey and began to circle up 2 additional PAX joined us and promptly completed their prescribed tardiness burpees.

The 11 PAX completed a round of SSH’s, Strawberry Pickers, forward/reverse arm circles and a round of Michael Phelps.

YHC instructed the PAX to gather their drinks and head to the Echo Chamber for the fun to begin.

YHC reviewed the structure of the 3 Way workout and promptly jumped into the THANG:

  • 1st set: 20 reps each
    • Goal line:  Mountain Climbers
    • Center line: Merkins
    • 2nd goal line: Big boy sit ups
    • Transportation: Toy Soldier
  • 2nd set: 25 reps each
    • Goal line:  American hammers
    • Center line: Carolina drydocks
    • 2nd goal line: Monkey humpers
    • Transportation: Long Jump Burpees-some stated that wasn’t a mode of trnsportation
  • 3rd set: 30 reps each
    • Goal line:  Hello Dolly
    • Center line: Evander Holyfields
    • 2nd goal line: Lunges
    • Transportation: Crab walk
  • 4th set: 35 reps each
    • Goal line:  LBCs
    • Center line: Overhead claps
    • 2nd goal line: Salsa dips
    • Transportation: Wheel Barrel with Partner
  • 5th set: 40 reps each
    • Goal line: Flutter kicks
    • Center line: Shoulder taps
    • 2nd goal line: Plank jacks
    • Transportation: Lunge walk

The PAX concluded the 5 rounds and still had 7 minutes until 0600.  YHC gave Manziel the honor of picking out the 2 exercises for the upcoming round of 11’s.  Manziel chose Salsa Dips and Big boy Sit-ups.

At 0600 the PAX came together for the COT which consisted of prayer requests for the M’s of Ripken and Trane.  Also, a prayer request for Trump’s friend that went to Lakewood Ranch Medical Center yesterday.

Thanks for coming out this morning Gents!!