TGIF Workout!

It was an honor to VQ 21 strong and able men at Nathan Benderson Park for a long-winded beat down. The sessions started at 5:15 with 5 Core principles, a disclaimer, and a thorough warm-up.

Warm-Up (x2):

Windmills, storm troupers, moroccans, squats, mnt. climbers, press-ups, arm circles and Michael Phelps. We proceeded with a short mosey which included, high knees, butt kicks, and cariocas.

The Thang:

We spit up the 21 Pax into 5 groups. The Q explained the location of the 5 exercise stations scattered around NBP and where the COT will be held after all 5 exercise stations were complete.

Station 1: The playground

Once the team arrived at station 1 they completed 50 American hammers, 50 side straddle hops, 50 LBC, and 25 Narrow Squats. The team then ran to station 2 (which was .5 miles away).

Station 2: Turf steps

This station was a full-body workout consisting of 25 incline merkins, 25 step-ups (each leg), 25 decline merkins, 25 big boy situps, and 50 dips. The team then ran up a flight of steps to the Bing deck for station 3.

Station 3: Bing deck

This station was by far the most brutal consisting of 20 pull-ups (if you could reach the platform), 45 wide stance squats, a grueling 4 lap bear crawl around the stairs, and 20 backward lunges (each leg). The team then scaled multiple flights of steps to get to station 4 at the top of NBP tower.

Station 4: Tower power

This station consisted of 20 single-leg bridge (each leg), 30 reach for the stars, 25 pickle pounders, 1 min plank, and a 1 min wall sit. The team then ran down the tower to get to the last station in the parking lot.

Station 5: Parking lot

The last and final station included 25 Carolina dry docks, 15 jump squats, 30 plank jacks, and 25 mnt. climbers (each Leg).

Some of the groups were cut short due to time constraints, but everyone put in a great effort! All groups staggered there way to the base of the NBP tower for a COT.


Announcements: – Cafeteria in Lutz on Saturday, Bubble’s moving (might need some help), and gait keepers lunch-in this Wednesday (8/12) at the Grove in LRW.

Praises: – For health and beautiful weather in the AM.

Prayers: – Hang 10 and wife starting a family, school administrators/parents/teachers making decisions about the upcoming school year with COVID looming, Ripken wife’s thyroid (possible operation in the future), and all the first responders for safety and good health.

I know it wasn’t a perfect work out session but I appreciate all the support and help leading up to my first Q. Honored to be apart of the F3 nation and looking forward to the next beatdown.


Dr. Feelgood