A burpee or two

We had 19 Pax out for a beatdown at Nolan, including Jimmy Dean circling around on his bike.

If you fart-sacked and missed this beatdown, you can make up for it by doing 201 burpees.

The warm-up was standard with a couple of laps of the Nolan parking lot, followed by Side-straddle hops, strawberry pickers, lunges and squats.

Then the burpees started.

We split into pairs for this part of the beatdown:

  • Run to the corner of Lorraine and Greenbrook, where one partner did 50 burpees and the other did 50 monkey humpers.
  • Run to the entrance of McNeal, where one partner did 50 burpees and the other did 50 LBC.
  • Run to driveway entering McNeal, where one partner did 50 get-ups (it’s almost a burpee) and the other did 50 Carolina drydocks.
  • Run to where McNeal’s driveway meets Greenbook, where one partner did 50 surfees (see this video) and the other did 50 lunges.

After a burpee or two, it was time to return to Nolan and circle up for a Mexican Wave exercise. One pair did an exercise (20 Carolina drydocks, sprinting to the tennis counts etc) while the other Pax kept active with Side-straddle hops or some boxing exercises.

We finished at 6 with one final burpee.

A lot of prayers are needed right now. Prayers for everyone involved with school re-openings from teachers to parents and students. Prayers for Passport whose current course of treatment is almost over. Prayers for Sniper’s and Ripken’s Ms who have just gone or are just about to go for medical help.