Super Blood Blue Moon Grinder

Under the threat of an eerie moon and vampire attacks, the Pax posted in big numbers..  Starting with a cold, 1 mile fun run, we met back at Nolan to the welcome site of an FNG (now known as Banjo, due to his musical talent, not his Deliverance proclivities).

Mozy, check.

Usual warm ups, check.

A few Richard Simmons to go with the cold weather tights, check.

Appetizer (2 sets of 5, 10, 5, 10) since this galactic anomaly only occurs every 150 years.

Super – 5 Super-burpees

Blood – 10 Bloody knuckle merkins

Blue – 5 Balls to the wall

Moon – 10 donkey kicks

Main course: rotations on the tennis court of:

American Hammers, Rows with band, Squats and 9 other stations of terror and pain.

Plan was to do 3 sets of 50 (150 total for those that need a calculator), but we only got one set done.

Prayer time was somber as we lifted up Page, a friend with cancer in need of lots of prayer.  Others struggling with illness also given air-time in front of God.  Praises for Bing’s dad, and a really big God that can conquer all.

Nose-cycles were starting to form so we disbanded only to be seen again in a dark parking lot soon.