Weather: Humid

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Defib, Deep Dish, Goob, Crabcakes, Gridlock, Lambeau

The Pax arrived to find Gridlock and Defib starting off on their early warmup and then subsequent hot laps around the parking lot, doing 8×800 as a part of their marathon training.

Lambeau set off for his 3+ miler, with ever increasing distances, he’s setting PRs every time he heads out. Proud of you brother.

Crabcakes and Goob escorted Deep Dish and YHC to the infamous loop because they clearly can’t find their way back on their own (see last week). Thanks to Lambeau for bringing a glow stick, even though we failed to place it at the correct corner, it was still comforting to see it on the way back. Success, we didn’t miss the turn and completed a solid 6.31 miles right around 8:00 pace.


  • Shirt order open till Sunday
  • Sleeveless shirts available


  • Military and first responders
  • All unspoken prayers

Always an honor to run with such a great group of men. Conversation was strong and fellowship even better. I’m constantly humbled when I think about the fact that these brothers have come into my life because of F3, and my level of fitness is at an all time high because of the push they provide me.

Until next gloom,

~Bing out!