Speed Bumps Again

It was another lovely hot, humid, mosquito filled morning at Adventure Park as the PAX arrive, including FIB visiting from Chicago.

After the disclosure and core principles we started off with a mosy around the pond and parking lot doing some high knees and karaoke’s.

We circles up for a round of SSH’s , Strawberry Pickets and Windmills,

We headed off for our thang heading up the “hill” stopping at each speed bump doing

25 Merkins and 25 Flutters at each stop

On the way back down we stopped at each speed bump doing

20 Plank Jacks and 20 Jump Squats

After a quick debate we headed back up the hill for another round doing

10 shoulder taps and  10 Leg Lifts

On the way back down we did

20 Moroccan NC’s and 10 Squats

With a few minutes left we circled up for a round of Mary.



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