QSource | Q1.9 Mammon

QSource | Q1.9 Mammon

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9 Pax continued our leadership study: QSource. Thanks for leading this morning Ripken, and all of the prep work you did! If anyone feels inclined to lead one these discussions there is a signup sheet on the Q schedule. This morning we continued the first quadrant Get Right with Q1.9: Mammon.

Q1.9 | Mammon


The Sustaining Relationship Between A Man And His Work


Colossians 3:23 (NIV) Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.


  • Is there anything inherently good about work?
  • Is work anything more than something we do?
  • What priority should a man give to his work?


Work is a Virtue

  • Men work to sustain themselves an their family, but his work also sustains and benefits the community.
  • Mammon: the sustaining relationship between a man and his work.
  • A man needs work. We are hard-wired to produce, and not doing so knocks us out of proper alignment.

Mammon is a relationship, not a pursuit

  • The power of man’s connection with his work is so great that categorizing it as anything other than a relationship leads to underestimating its tendency to swallow his other
  • Unless a man Prepares for it, Mammon will move inexorably to the center of his Concentrica and knock him out of Relational Rhythm.
    • Mammon Is The Easiest Relationship To Maintain
    • Mammon Provides The Most Direct Affirmation
    • Mammon Is The Only Relationship That Is Terminable At Will
  • To Accelerate his Fellowship, the HIM views Mammon as a relationship he must address with Deliberatude rather than just a function he must perform to pay his mortgage.

Mammon is a man’s least important relationship

  • While Mammon is critical to a man, his family and ultimately his Community, it is still the least important relationship on his Concentrica.
  • Because it is easy, affirming and controllable, the temptation to elevate the importance of Mammon is compelling.
  • The HIM may love his work, but he does not live to work. Instead, he works to enrich the lives of those he loves and with whom he lives.


  • Work is a Virtue
  • Mammon is a relationship, not a pursuit
  • Mammon is a man’s least important relationship

Homework for 5/4

Thoughts for the week:

  • Does Faith play a role in Leadership?
  • How did we get here?
  • Are fear and worry bad things?