Playtime with S.A.C.K.

10 Sprinklers …an Aggetater version of the Imperial Walker, [maybe to someday become known as dance steps]
Motivators, declining count from 10… [we really need to work on this coordinated Kinesthesia]
10 Tappy-taps …per the “Exicon” we have been improperly calling these strawberry pickers [and will most likely continue in rebellion]

Mosey to the underside of bridge (our base camp today)

Playing with your Sack Thang:

Each pax with a sack teamed up with two without. The thang would be divided into two components: Execises & the Mosey. One of the pax would stay behind doing exercises, the other two off on a mosey (up the bridge with a sack, or down the path of lighted palms without). The goal was a total of 100 of the S.A.C.K. playbill.

S _Squats …not too fancy, just ten squats with good form
A _Alabama Sucks Ass-Kickers …its not just because I went to Auburn, they really do suck
C _Cusak Big Boys …holding your ruck above your head with straight arms, commence with a Big Boy situp

K _Kraken Burpee …release the Kracken! 3 hand release merkins in middle of burpee

With one FNG (another A/C guy to later be named Freon [R-22]) we looked across the water at the beautiful Benderson Tower. A run back to the tower and up (up/down/up for those without sacks) for the COT.


It’s always a good day when a new HIM is added to the pax. This was no exception. Beautiful weather, Snazzy dance steps and a bunch of sweaty sacks.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

“We are leaders and we get things done. We are compassionate and care about our health, our families and our community. We are intellectual men of faith that seek out others that share our view of how life should be lived. Simply put, we are Men of Action and the time for action is now.”


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