Olympus welcomes Griswold back!

Weather: a fresh 82F with very little wind (no complaints here)

Woke up Griswold at 6:15am (cousin visiting from F3Houston) and head out to AP. He got his name at Greenbrook park 2 years ago when he was visiting from Uruguay back then. It was great to have him come back where it started for him!

Warm Up: Took a little extra time to warm up, the pax may be feeling those hip flexors tomorrow.

  • Mosey Jog one lap. Second lap with drills (side shuffle, karaoke, skips, backward run, backward skip), 3rd lap with a pick up in the pace
  • Dynamic stretching: Knee to chest, heel to but stretch, walking hamstring stretch
  • Lunge progression (forward, side, backward)
  • Karaoke, side shuffle, A skip, B Skip.

4 Stations (5 exercises, 1 min each)

  • Narrow stance merkins; standing lunges with twist; push with legs in bench; American Hammer; up/down with arms and legs (germans)
    • 10 burpees, run 1 lap
  • Carolina Dry Dogs; squat jumps; Moroccan night club; mountain climbers; open close arms and legs (germans)
    • 10 burpees, run 1 lap
  • Half squat position (jump between wide and narrow stance), jump to plank and back to half squat position; squat jump, sit on bench and legs up; dips; 3 push ups, 10 mountain climbers; feet on bench, hips up, bring one knee to chest alternate knees;
    • 10 burpees, run 1 lap
  • Rowing sit ups; squats with low bounces to squat jump; R lunge to knee drive; L lunge to knee drive; push up R above head, middle, below, then L.
    • 10 burpees, run 1 lap

Finished with some Russian duckwalk, and some more A skip and B skips. Grand finale: walk out to plank, merkin. DO this the length of the bball court.


Prayers for Rowdy and his family, and for those affected by Hurricane Dorian

Praise for the Jake’s bday