Not Humid and Hot Monday 8/10

Conditions: 77 degrees and 91% humidity “like a sauna”

Mozi  We circled the parking lot twice including high knees, Nur and kerioke.

Warmup SSH, Peter Parker’s, mikey Phelps and bad back stretches.


The Thang (chili would be so proud)

We did a series of execises on the basketball court and between exercises, we had to run to the benches about 50 yards away and rotate w step ups and tri dips before advancing to the next exercise.  Each exercise was followed by BURPEES.

100 LBCs 10 burpees

90 Mountain climbers 9 burpees

80 Freddie Mercury’s 8 burpees

70 Air squats 7 burpees

60 Plank jacks 6 burpees

50 Imperial walkers 5 burpees

40 Merkins 4 burpees.            By now, no mumble chatter

30 Crunchy Frogs 3 burpees

20 shoulder press on 4 count 4 burpees

10 lunges 1 burpee


Quiet this morning

Praises and prayers

I forget which pax was in car accident but everyone ok!

For all children retuning to school.

Jimmy Dean … out

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