Madness in March

Conditions: 64 and clear


We took a lap around the playground torwards the basketball court and did Butt kickers,high knees,Nur and kerioke.


SSH,huggers, arm circles,Strawberry pickers,wind mills,mountain climbers and yes…. BBS

The Thang 

On the Basketball court we ripped out (2) 5X1 full court mini sprints

We then jogged to the road that leads to the dog park where cones were placed a couple of 100 yards apart. Every set of cones 3 exercises performed.

20 Merkins (rotated… regular,military and wide)

20 Lbc’s

20 Knee taps

This was continued until you crossed the bridge and then completed 10 burpees and then waited on the 6. Once the six was in we started back on the cones in the direction we just came performing the following exercises all the way back to the basketball court.

15 Monkey Humpers

20 Freddie Mercury’s 10 each direction

Once we were courtside 10 more burpees and then we wrapped up with an 11 which included shoulder taps and big boy crunches



Welcome Mendel Eberhardt FNG… now Marvel Eh’d by The Pincher!

SUP and Run, Gator Wilderness

Praises; Chili Pepper has fought hard w some life challenges and made it through. (Health and job) AMEN


Trump’s office space challenge,Bing and family come home safe!


JimmyDean…. out!