Trump VC

Trump meets YHC at residence to get fitted for a loaner. I take off out the driveway to hear a little mumble chatter coming from behind, guess it was a crash course on how to ride a bike again for Trump after many years away. We were off to meet the Pax as YHC gave trump a few pointers on hand signals along the way. We pulled up to WaWa just at the stroke of 6:00 am. Awaiting us was Ripken who welcomes Trump for his VC “Virgin Cycle”.

We set the tracking apps and off we went, warning Trump that we were likely to put some distance on the six, but we would be back to pick him up, as no man is left behind. Once we made it through the University light Ripken and YHC stepped it up to an average of 24-26 miles per hour all the way to Fruitville, were we did the usual turnaround. I was sure glad Ripken broke the wind and let YHC ride the draft at that pace. To both our surprise Trump wasn’t far behind, so we did a quick circle back to pick him up, it again surprisingly took longer to catch him then expected. Once we reeled him in we gave him some words of encouragement, and hit it hard again all the way through the university loop at which point we caught Trump once more. This time Ripken and YHC geared down to work some cadence and keep Trump close for the last stretch of the ride together, back to WaWa.

Ended with a COT, and some big pats on the back for a PAX who stepped outside his comfort zone to push himself this morning. It’s amazing to see how this group can push each other to find new adventures, and push past limits that we may have put in front of ourselves, a true brotherhood.

I cannot wait to see Bing and Trump find their cycling stride as they continue to dig deep and push themselves. For those in the Pax who have doubts about joining on a Tuesday Cycling AO, I challenge you to take the leap like these two, you won’t regret it. Iron sharpens Iron!