Let’s get a little Savage

Friday Morning. November 8th, NBP in Sarasota. The temps are perfect at 71 degrees and the humidity is low for the Gloom. This should prove to be a great morning for the Gloom I have planned for the Pax.

Pre Run Warm Up: I arrive early and start my Pre Run Warm up as usual and today I drop signs, twenty of them to be exact along my route I run every Friday prior to the Gloom. Each one of the signs has an exercise for the Pax to complete today along a 1 mile route. This should prove to be fun.

Opening Ceremony: 0515 and we are ready to go. We have 1 FNG with us and no one traveling from another Pax. I circle up the Pax and announce that today I am the QIC, and it is my Birthday, 54 today is how young I am and I have chosen to start this day with them and to lead them through our Gloom to make everyone stronger and faster. We go over the 5 core principles, disclaimers, and what will take place today.

Today I am going to take the opportunity to instruct, review and teach how to conduct Physical Training the U.S. Army way before the Thang. Being Prior service myself, U.S. Army to be exact, Infantry, yada, yada, yada I firmly know the correct way that exercises are to be conducted (the commands and the flow). Since F3 is born from a veteran of the U.S. Army, it follows the Army ways and who knows them better than a veteran Army Soldier who was a Drill Sergeant, Ranger, Airborne! and a few other things. So this morning we get motivated, we sound off and we knock them out.

PT Flow and Commands: Most of the exercise in the Army are a 4 count exercise (the exercise has a movement of 4 pieces for a single rep count upon completion) This can be announced but is not required and is optional.  Let’s begin…

  1. Q will sound off and give the Pax the exercise to be completed. The Side Straddle Hop!
  2. The Pax then repeats in a loud and thunderous voice the exercise. The Side Straddle Hop!  SIDE NOTE: If they do not sound off or members are not participating in this step the Q will again sound off with the exercise. The Side Straddle Hop!this meant to emphasize the exercise and get participation traction and everyone’s attention. 
  3. The Q will next give the command Starting Position Move! Every exercise has a starting position so it is natural to get into that position prior to executing the exercise. Optional This is where the Q may announce prior to the Starting Position command  The Side Straddle Hop is a four count exercise! Starting Position Move!
  4. Next the Q will sound off with the command that the exercise will be conducted and led in cadence (with a count and rhythm determined by the Q) In Cadence!
  5. The Pax then repeats in a loud and thunderous voice In Cadence!  SIDE NOTE: If they do not sound off or members are not participating in this step the Q will again sound off with the exercise. In Cadence!this meant to emphasize the exercise and keep participation traction. 
  6. The Last command given starts the Cadence and the exercise. Exercise!  At this point the exercise begins and the Q counts cadence with the Pax sounding off the Count number.
    1. Q: 1-2-3
    2. Pax: 1
    3. Q: 1-2-3
    4. Pax: 2
    5. And so on until the rep count number desired is reached.
  7. Inflection change in pitch in the voice of the Q is required on the last count to bring the exercise to a close. It is at this point the Pax must sound off with Halt! to bring the exercise to an end
    1. Q: 1-2-3
    2. Pax: 9
    3. Q: 1-2-3 (change in pitch during this count off)
    4. Pax: Halt!
  8. If the exercise ends in a position other than attention Recover! is the Command given to bring the group back to attention.

For tips on being the QIC or when you VQ out there check this page out for help.


CoP: The Pax took it to heart and did a great job of getting the workout started. The Circle of Pain was quick as all things should be that hurt. Besides we need to get Savage and that means moving.

  1. Side Straddle Hops 10 count (a 4 count exercise so the number was actually 20 when complete)
  2. Strawberry Pickers 10 count (QIC did Windmills instead, dropped and did 10 for the error in execution)
  3. Windmills 10 count

The Thang:  Here we go the course is laid out over a one mile run area and also incorporates the Tower of Terror. this will take all 45 minutes to do, trust me because we leave no man behind and we wait on the 6!

Here the 20 Station and Rep count is 20 per leg or in total if it is a unison exercise along the route.

  1. Sumo Squats 20 Reps
  2. Scorpion Dry Docks 20 Reps per leg
  3. American Hammers 20 Reps
  4. Freddy Mercury 20 Reps per leg
  5. Shoulder Taps 20 Reps per side
  6. LBCs 20 Reps
  7. Lt Dan 20 Reps (Mumble Chatter begins here) .3 of the 1 mile is complete here
  8. Flutter Kicks 20 Reps per leg
  9. Bulgarian Ball Busters 20 Reps per leg
  10. Yoga Sit Ups 20 Reps
  11. Hand Release Merkins 20 Reps
  12. Dips 20 Reps at the bleachers
  13. Imperial Walkers 20 Reps per leg (Jailbreak is coming)
  14. Head up to the Bing Deck and perform Hello Dolly 20 Reps Jailbreak!
  15. I circle the Pax up again and we do the Side Straddle Hop in Cadence. 10 count = 20 Reps (SSH is a 4 count exercise, remember) I also get the Pax realigned, refocused for the final remaining exercise and distance. We get low and and sway side to side I command the Pax sound off with Huh, Hah. Let´s get motivated. So the Pax is now at the top of NBP on the Tower sounding off Huh, Hah! Huh, Hah! ”next I command “when I yell F you yell 3..F, 3! F, 3!” Feels so good to be up there with a group of HIM that are working hard to sharpen each other and better themselves. We head out the back door and down the backside of tower, more work to do
  16. Mountain Climber 20 Reps .8 of the 1 mile is complete
  17. Sprint up Sniper Hill perform  Jacked Up Merkins 10 Reps
  18. Squat Jumps 10 Reps
  19. Carolina Wine Mixer (more mumble chatter again)
  20. Finish line is in sight Sprint through finish between the cones!” Overhead Hand Clap 20 Reps 1.2 Miles are now complete

Our Nantan suggest while we wait on the 6 that we plank (another teaching moment) The position we assume is the Front Leaning Rest Position. It is the start position for the Merkins (Push ups) This is not a plank and it is frequently used as the active rest position in the Army especially if you are clustermess that day.

Upon completion I head up to grab my phone for the namearama at a Double Time and return to see the Pax loudly and energetically performing the SSH in cadence. I couldn’t be prouder and happier than I was right there.

Count off total is 22 HIM this morning and we complete the namearama. We bring the FNG into the circle and learn he is  3rd Generation Manatee County born and likes the Arts. After a few more bits of info and a couple of name ideas we settle on Davinci.  “You will now be known as Davinci.” Welcome!


  • Savage Race tomorrow
  • Need a Q for the Christmas Party coming up to lead the charge and HCs
  • Ragnar practice run this Sunday reach out to Ripken for more info

Praise and Prayers:

  • Ripkins family
  • Goobs family
  • Family of the person who lost their life yesterday on Siesta Key
  • First Responders, LoF and our Military

If I missed a Prayer or Announcement my apologies It has been a crazy day already. Thanks again everyone for coming out this morning and remember,

If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you get, Embrace the Suck!! AROO!

Coop out