Laps of Pain

Weather: low 70s and no humidity

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, Trump, Lancelot, ShamWow, Ripken, Olympus, Posh, Pincher, Deep Dish, Goob, Drake, Crabcakes

It’s another glorious morning in the Suncoast. YHC, Ripken, Trump and Drake went postal for a pre-run while Lancelot was out and about, likely logging double digit miles prior to the beatdown.

No FNGs present, so we reviewed the core principles and disclaimer and took off for a warm up lap with toy soldiers, butt kickers and high knees.

  • COP included:
    • Ssh X 40IC
      Plank Series
      LBCs x15 IC
      Wheezy Jefferson’s x15IC

    It was time to head to the other side of the school. After a short mosey, we warmed up our legs and shoulders with 3x Peoples Chair and BTTW.

    Once accused of having nothing more planned, it was time for some laps of pain.

    Starting at the first light pole and then advancing to the second, third and beyond, we stopped at each to do the following:

    • 10x Salsa Dips
    • 20x LBCs
    • 30x Overhead Claps

    Once you have advanced one light pole and completed the exercise, you had to return to the start, always doing the exercises at the start also. We totaled 13 stops with 130 salsa dips, 260 LBCs and 390 Overhead claps.

    After a quick mosey back to home base, YHC kicked off the round of Mary with a round of ATMs. Then it was up/down for a 4 count and some Jane Fonda type thing.

    Beatdown complete right at 6am!


    • St Pete run fest
    • Salvation Army Xmas party on 12/12
    • Order Ragnar shirts


    • Drake’s son Mario
    • Rowdy on his trip and praise for his engagement
    • First responders


    Patience – YHC has been tested a tad as of late and continues to put it all in Gods hands. Let His plan work as He wants it. Don’t rush to completion or rush to success.

    Always a pleasure to lead this amazing group.

    ~Bing out